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Discover pure and unfiltered wines from Europe’s finest organic vineyards. The grapes are all handpicked and made into high quality natural wines. The wines are personally selected and exclusively bottled for AY-wines. AY-Wines is founded by Ayleen Charlotte in November 2022.

The Story

Energetic, fierce and unfiltered

I felt that I had to make a radical choice between victimhood or becoming a beacon of female empowerment for myself and others. After what became five years of misery, I decided not only to tell my story in the documentary The Tinder Swindler, but chose to make radical changes in my own life. My experiences made me decide to make my life-long entrepreneurial dream come true.

The first release – Dutch Orange wine

This full body orange wine is extraordinary in its refinement. Enjoy the smell of citrus fruits like orange and mandarin and a hint of smokiness. In taste you’ll discover very soft tannins and light bitters.

This wine has had two months on used wooden barrels and then a 5-year ripening on stainless steel tanks. This time allowed the wine to keep the strong character of the orange wine but softened and refined it to its purest form.

Price: €39,50

Extra information

This wine is extremely limited. There are only 650 bottles made.

The Origin

Puur Natuur Landgoed Twente - VieVinVjenne

The VieVinVjenne vineyard in the Eastern Netherlands is very unique. In this first Dutch pure natural vineyard, the grapes are grown under conditions that go beyond merely organic. They never use chemicals and the handpicked grapes are 100% clean. The grapes are grown in a rich environment with herbs, flowers and even sheep are grazing here.

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The first wine is available in my webshop and a few selected stores in the Netherlands. Online orders can be shipped to the Netherlands and Belgium.
Where are you from? Let me know and I’ll let you know when Ay Wines will be available in your region.

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Would you like to work with Ay Wines? Let us know. We are working on new wines in higher volumes as we speak.
We select a few resellers per region that understand quality wines.
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