Riesling d’Alsace


This dry Unfiltered Riesling from Alsace, France, is a specific style of wine that offers a unique and distinctive experience for wine enthusiasts. The wine exhibit citrus notes such as lemon and lime, as well as stone fruit flavours like peach and apricot. You can also find floral aromas, such as white flowers and honeysuckle, along with the characteristic mineral notes.

This Ay-Unfiltered Riesling can have a slightly cloudier appearance due to the presence of suspended particles and sediment, which is a natural byproduct of the unfiltered winemaking process. This can contribute to a fuller, more textured and richer mouthfeel compared to filtered wines.

The Origin

The Charles Frey vineyard is a pioneer in the bio dynamic agriculture in the Alsace. The Frey family settled in Dambach-la-Ville at the beginning of the 18th century with the ambition of growing wine. After many years of wine growing Charles Frey took a risk and in 1963 their first own bottles were produced. After several years of research, the entire farm was converted into a bio dynamic agriculture in 1997. This amazing adventure is far from over since the family Frey is now leaded by Dominique Frey and his two sons; Julien and Thiébaud.

Extra information
  • 12.5 % Alcohol
  • Wine to keep (5 years)
  • Store it dry and cool with constant temperatures
  • Wine pairing: an excellent match for seafood, shellfish, and poultry dishes. It also pairs well with spicy Asian cuisine and creamy cheeses.
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